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IYC team helps lock up notorious scam artist

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OKLAHOMA CITY - By now you're probably familiar with notorious Edmond scam artist, Brian Krafton.

We've caught him targeting countless families, the unemployed, local businesses, disabled, and elderly.

For years our In Your Corner team's been working closely with law enforcement and prosecutors to put Krafton behind bars.

He’s made a living defrauding Oklahomans.

There was his roofing scam. Krafton’s ripped off a church. He’s stiffed employees and subcontractors, ran a bogus charity and illegal credit repair service. 

He's committed insurance fraud, forged documents, passed hot checks and most recently preyed on the unemployed.

Krafton's been in and out of jail for years.

He has felony convictions in Cleveland and Oklahoma counties.

Krafton was already serving a ten year deferred sentence in Oklahoma County, but recently a judge revoked that sentence after Krafton admitted guilt to six new crimes.

That means he should spend the next ten years locked up in an Oklahoma prison.    

“I got to give a hearty thank you to you and channel four,” Landlord Ted Rodgers said.

Krafton rented office space from Rodgers.

“He knew all the tricks,” Rodgers said. “As soon as we filed the eviction notice, he filed for bankruptcy which ties everything up.”

The landlord says Krafton owes him six months in back rent.

It is money he'll likely never see, but that's okay.  

“From all the stories, what he's done to customers, employees, not only here, but in other states,” Rodgers said. “It's good to hear he's out of the picture.”

Realistically Krafton's looking at three to five years behind bars, assuming he stays on the straight and narrow.

He also must pay back tens of thousands of dollars in restitution, but it's unlikely the victims will see a dime.

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