Bobcat sightings up in OKC

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Bobcat sightings are starting to pop up around Oklahoma City; wildlife experts said it is unusual.

We expect to see them behind the glass at the zoo but our own backyards are not exactly what Ryan Labar would consider bobcat territory.

“I've seen a lot of things," Labar said. "I’m a two-time Iraq War veteran but even that would kind of freak me out."

Now bobcats are showing up in neighborhoods.

Reports of the big cats have been traced to apartment complexes on Memorial Rd. 

An unusual sighting to Micah Holmes with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

"Bobcats are very secretive, very reclusive," Holmes said. "They are either nocturnal or spend their time moving around at dusk or right in the morning."

Holmes said one reason for the sightings could be the bobcats are finding food in the area or the apartments are near wooded area, a natural environment for the cats.

“That’s one of the things neat about living in Oklahoma,” Holmes said. “We live so close to wildlife. People may live in an apartment but they can see a wild animal like a bobcat."

Bobcats are usually twice the size of a large house cat  but Holmes said they don't pose a danger and usually avoid people and their pets.

From the zoo to the city streets, people like Labar said they'll be watching for the big cats.

"It would be nice to watch one in its natural habitat, seeing what it's doing, but we definitely want to stay inside," Labar said.

If you feel threatened by a bobcat in your area, call animal control.

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