4 Your Child: Dangerous child products

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Bring home a new baby and you bring home a house full of new equipment, products parents presume are safe to use.

David Butler with the Consumers Union said, "One of the most serious challenges, there are products that may appear to give parents a false sense of security."

Officials at the Consumers Union said products are designed and sold, and only after being used by children do some safety problems surface.

Lauren Farrah with Oklahoma Safe Kids talked with us about some of the products that pose the greatest danger to our children.

There are so many products out there that parents just don't think about being dangerous, even Halloween costumes.

A warning came out Tuesday encouraging parents check for lead in their children’s dress up choices.

Recently, a shipment of children's pirate costumes from China to a distributor in Seattle was confiscated because they were found to have 11 times the legal limit of lead in them.

Lead has been shown to poison children's brains and this isn't the first time high levels of lead have been found in products shipped from China.

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