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Sheriff finds suspects in Luther arson

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LUTHER, Okla. -- Nearly 2,700 acres burned in and around the town of Luther earlier this year.

Investigators said early on it was arson but were never able to make any arrests.

Tuesday the Oklahoma County Sheriff announced a big development in the case.

He said suspects have been identified and the case is now awaiting further investigation by a grand jury.

Huge flames devoured parts of the town of Luther back in August.

Residents were evacuated, hoping the best for their homes.

Donald Prince lost his car shop and numerous vehicles in the fire.

He said, "We had two waves of fire come through here."

His shop, which stood on his property for more than 30 years, was destroyed along with everything in it.

He's spent weeks trying to clean up his property, sifting through debris to salvage what he can.

Prince said, "I've got two more vehicles to get loaded and get out of here."

While he cleans his property, investigators have been trying to track down suspects.

The sheriff won't say exactly how many or who they are, he will say they have suspects thanks to tips from the public and hard work by investigators. 

Sheriff Whetsel said, "It would have been easy to walk away from this investigation because of the lack of information we had, the lack of intelligence."

He said the case will now be turned over to a grand jury.