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Elderly couple pays $15,000 for unfinished landscaping job

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CHICKASHA, Okla. -- An elderly Caddo County couple said they paid $15,000 to a Chickasha landscaping business to landscape their yard but it was left in such bad shape, they can't even walk in it.

Foy and Colleen Sulyer said they have tried to get the landscaper they hired to level their yard or, at the very least, fill in the holes in their newly-landscaped yard.

They said the man tells them he will show up and take care of it but never does.

"I'll tell ya, it's a mess," Foy Sulyer said.

If it looks like Sulyer is playing hop scotch in his yard, you're close.

He's actually trying to keep from tripping and falling in the landmine of holes hidden in his yard.

"But I don't figure it's my fault," he said.

Last year Salyer contacted Mahan's Lawn and Landscape of Chickasha to install grass and landscape the yard of his new home.

He said he paid Dewayne Mahan nearly $15,000 to get the job done.

"So he just took after it and away he went." Sulyer said.

The first payment was a check in the amount of $13,933.68.

Sulyer thought his lawn was good to go until he stepped outside and tried to walk on it.

"We got in the awfullest mess you ever saw," he said. "They ripped us off totally."

Sulyer said Mahan told him he would be back to fix everything and fill in the holes.

"But now he won't finish it; I can't get him to come over no more," Sulyer said. "He won't even call me or nothing and I don't know if I made him mad. I don't know why."

Sulyer said he does not want any trouble, he just wants to walk in his yard without the risk of hurting himself.

"I can't even pull a tractor mower in here because the wheels fall down in there," he said. "Look here how deep this is."

He said the last time he talked to Mahan, Mahan hung up on him.

So we tried calling several times, but no answer.

Nobody answered the door at his house either.

In the meantime Sulyer is looking out for his wife Colleen who is legally blind as well as anyone else who may have been in their yard.

"If somebody breaks a leg or something we could be sued," Colleen Sulyer said.

News Channel 4 tried contacting the business but was unsuccessful.

We'll keep trying and hopefully get the issue resolved.