Bobcat attacks woman at grocery store

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EDMOND, Okla. -- A bobcat attacked a woman leaving a grocery store parking lot at Danforth and Bryant Friday night.

After a local man captured the animal, the woman walked by and reached down to pet the cat.

The feline went into attack mode and sank its teeth into her arm breaking the skin.

Edmond Police said a driver noticed the animal cross the street, pulled over, put on his welding gloves and captured the animal.

Edmond Police's James Hamm said," She has some bites on her arm but nothing life-threatening. Animal control says those bites are usually treated by antibiotics."

Professionals euthanized the animal.

Residents around the metro have reported large cat sightings and most recently in a Oklahoma City apartment complex.

Officials said its pre-mating season which accounts for the sightings.

Animal control said it’s important not to entice these animals with backyard food like bird feed or dog food.

Edmond Animal Control said if you come in contact with a bobcat, you should make a lot of noise; they are easy to scare away.

They also said when the cats become uncomfortable in an area they usually don't return.

The woman expects test results on Monday to determine if the bobcat had rabies.

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