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Edmond backyard lit up like football field

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EDMOND, Okla. — An Edmond homeowner said the city’s expansion is intruding on his private property.

We’ve told you before, the residents of Cheyenne Crossing, near Santa Fe and Covell, are not happy about the expansion of Covell closer to their houses.

Erik Moratzka said the expansion is affecting his home in a very unusual and intrusive way.

When he bought his Edmond home six years ago, he knew Covell would eventually be widened.

“We had quite a bit of offset from the road,” Moratzka said.

He just didn’t know how intrusive it would become.

“None of us really understood how extensive this project was,” he said.

Moratzka is in a unique situation at the corner of his neighborhood.

The new Covell is extremely close to his backyard and so are the new street and traffic lights at the corner of Covell and Kiowa.

“Literally I can read a paper of a book. It’s horrible. It’s just like a football stadium lit up at night,” Moratzka said.

His backyard is flooded with light all night long.

“They’re huge and because we’re higher elevation on this end of the road and this is the intersection, they shine directly into my back window, directly into my family room and bedroom,” he said.

Moratzka said homeowners were never shown the electrical plans. 

“And then on the electrical plans, you have to look at those plans to see where all the light posts and traffic signals go,” he said. “Didn’t see all that.”

In addition to the massive lighting, Moratzka said the unsightly box to control those lights sticks up over his fence and traffic cameras point toward his house. 

“I’d sure love to see the video,” he said. “You know? What can you see in my backyard that people could be watching?”

Moratzka has three young children and with an expanding family, he said he and his wife have discussed moving, maybe getting a bigger house.

But he’s afraid his family is bearing the brunt of the pain of progress.

“There’s a very good chance we’ll lose money on this house, significant amount probably,” he said. “I wouldn’t buy this lot.”

Edmond’s city engineer said it’s a safety issue.

He said they have to light the road and intersection to make it safe for drivers.

But he did say once Covell is finished, they will come out and take a look at the lights.

If something can be safely changed, like installing a different type of light that’s not as bright, they will consider that.