Devon Tower celebrates opening, restaurant

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Employees of Devon Energy have been slowly moving in to the new downtown skyscraper for months now.

Tuesday the company held a special ceremony, celebrating the final move and having all employees in the new building.

Devon Executive Chairman Larry Nichols gave a private media tour of the building, starting at the top in Vast, a restaurant located on the top two floors.

Nichols said, "It's a great view in all directions."

The view is 850-feet up from the ground.

Nichols said, "When we built this building we got a lot of people who said, 'Are you going to build an observation deck?'"

He didn't want just an observation deck but a restaurant where anyone could come, sit and enjoy not only the view but a meal to go with it.

Most of the floors below the restaurant house employees.

The offices are surrounded by windows, allowing natural light to flow in to every corner.

Employees can enjoy a private gym, personalized health plans and specialty conference and training rooms along with gorgeous views from every floor.

Tuesday morning a ceremony was held to celebrate the company's final move into the building.

Mayor Mick Cornett said, "The visual impact it has on the city is so striking and so identifiable."

It took just over three years to complete the building that has quickly become a staple in our city's skyline.

Nichols said, "We wanted this to be a proud symbol of Oklahoma City's growing reputation as a great place to live, a great place to work, a great place to raise your family."

A goal many believe Devon Energy has achieved.