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Great State: Vast at Devon’s Top

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- The elevator stops at the 50th floor. That's where John Williams comes to work every day. "It's neat," he gushes. "It's so cool up here."

He walks to the nearest window facing southwest and points.

"This is a great spot right here. You can look straight down and see Myriad Gardens. Off to my left is Chesapeake Arena."

The top floor in Oklahoma's tallest building offers unprecedented views. "We're at 745 feet above the sidewalk," Williams said.

This floor is reserved for meetings and parties. "We could have a wedding for 200 people in this room," he said while walking through.

John Williams gave us a tour a couple of weeks before the official opening.

He is top man at what will soon be Oklahoma's top restaurant and banquet space.

He wants to make sure it qualifies as tops in every other respect too.

"We are at the top of the greatest building constructed in recent history," he said. "And there is a very strong focus on delivering only the best, absolutely the best."

One floor down Mario Rivera is manager of a restaurant called Vast.

It is nearly complete; two dining rooms and a lounge between them.

As we walked through, contractors were putting in the last touches.

Rivera imagined this place full every single night. "All the pieces are coming together," he said.

No customers in sight when we visited but the kitchen was already busy.

Chef Andrew Black experimented with a new sauce. "It's almost ready," he said as he sampled.

Another chef, Patrick Williams, stayed busy with his staff making sure everything worked like a well oiled machine.

"We're making sure it's well oiled," Andrew said. "Yeah," laughs Patrick. "We're adding little bits of oil everywhere."

The view alone will bring lots of customers.

John Williams and company know it will take more than just bread and water to keep them coming back.

Vast is an adjective that covers a lot of territory. This lofty perch seems ready to live up to its name.