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Investigation after dead horses found

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WEWOKA, Okla. — A woman said she noticed dead and malnourished horses on the property next to her home.

Darla Newbold called the Seminole County Sheriff last week, hoping to get something done.

Monday afternoon, KFOR witnessed a confrontation between two neighbors over horses on a property just outside of Wewoka in Seminole County.

Jeremy Bert showed up at the property, claiming he takes care of the property and the horses for his grandfather. 

"I've been feeding them, and well, it's hard to get some hay out here,” Jeremy said. 

Seminole County Sheriff Shannon Smith disagrees.

He launched a felony investigation Monday afternoon after he also saw the horses.

"Look out there, the grass is green but that grass is not two inches tall," Smith said. "There's not enough there for an animal to eat on."

Smith also supervised Jeremy Bert as he purchased hay for the remaining horses.

"My thought would be, if you have several animals and you can't feed all of them then you need to sell part of them to get enough money to feed the ones you have,” Smith said. 

Darla agrees with that.

"If you can't take care of animals, don't have them," Darla said. "If you can't afford them, don't have them!”

We will keep you posted on the investigation.