Teens safe after abducted in carjacking

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DEL CITY, Okla. -- Three carjackers, two women and a man, are still on the streets after carjacking two 18-year-old women just before midnight Tuesday.

The two are finally safe with family after being kidnapped and held hostage.

Now they have to hide their identities in fear of their attackers.

"I was like, 'Man, I'm going to die,'” one victim said.

She and her friend were in Del City when they say two women and a man walked up and told them to get in their car.

With guns to their face, they said the attackers drove them to Wilshire Blvd. and Spencer Jones Rd., threatening rape and repeatedly beating them with a gun.

“They were talking about killing us in the car,” the victim said. “I was trying to tell her in the car, 'We got to run. If we don't run, they'll probably kill us.'"

The teens said the kidnappers tried to force them into the trunk.

That's when they took the chance to escape.

The kidnappers stopped the victim's car on Wilshire Blvd. near a church.

One victim ran in the woods to hide, the other ran to a nearby home.

"He was like, ‘I’m gong to kill her,’ and he started running after me," one said. "I was ahead of him like a lot, and started running zigzag lines and he shot at me.”

The bullets missed and she made it to a neighbor’s home where she called 911.

Once officers arrived her friend came out of hiding.

A heartbreaking sight to neighbors like Craig Grays.

"These are children," Grays said. "These are our children and I’m at a loss for words. What kind of sick person would do something like that?" 

The teens said the suspects took a phone and iPad but left the car.

Someone picked them up in a light blue, older model car.

“You're going to kill someone over an iPad and an iPhone," one victim said. "And they didn't even take the car."

While police search for the criminals, their victims fear for their lives.

“If they come back, I don’t know what's going to happen."

The victims described their attackers to us.

They said the man was about 5’10” and about 160 pounds with short dreadlocks.

The women are both described as 5’5” and 130 to 140 pounds.

She said one had braided hair in a bun and the other had her hair in a wrap.

Anyone with information is asked to call Del City Police.

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