More parents in diaper crisis

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- More and more moms and dads in need are finding themselves in a diaper crisis situation, and they are showing up to the Infant Crisis Services for help.

Putting a fresh diaper on her baby is something LeAnne Gray said she finds herself worrying about daily.

"I just think about it every day," she said. "What you're gong to do for a diaper and how you're going to get them."

With a baby and toddler by her side, she came to Infant Crisis Services when diapers ran low at home.

"I was almost out of diapers and want them not to set in the same diaper," Gray said.

She's not alone; one after the other, parents came in for emergency situations, many in a diaper crisis.

The agency has seen nearly 1,000 parents this month.

That's 150 more than last Oct. as a whole.

They said the uptick could possibly be because of the approaching holidays or a lack of jobs.

Infant Crisis Services gives out about 9,000 diapers a week to an average of 70 central Oklahoma families and they always need more.

"Regardless of the situation that they're in, they deserve to be in a clean diaper and have a full tummy and to go to bed that night happy and dry," the agency's Jo Lynne Jones said. "If a family can't do that, someone else has to. We've got to step in because those children will grow up to be our future."

Infant Crisis Services is the only organization that provides diapers in Central Oklahoma.

Without their help, parents would have to spend an average of more than $100 a month on diapers.

"I'll be glad when my oldest one gets out of diapers and I'll only have to worry about one," Gray said.

With her kids in clean diapers, she is relieved.

"Now I don't have to worry about diapers or anything," she said. "It just takes it off."

That's something she is sure her girls will notice.

Infant Crisis Services takes donations at their facility at 4224 N Lincoln Blvd. in Oklahoma City.

Click here to learn other ways you can donate.