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Ohio man accused of stalking, threatening OU student

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NORMAN, Okla. - An Ohio man is behind bars in Cleveland County accused of driving hundreds of miles to threaten and kill an OU student athlete.

The suspect is now charged with stalking and planning a violent act.

Police say the 21-year-old man, a former OU student himself, allegedly drove from Cincinnati to Norman last week with the intent of committing the violent attack.

Police said they believe the suspect targeted the goalkeeper for on the women's soccer team.

Luckily, before he arrived in Norman, the man allegedly told police what he intended to do and then made a full confession.

Police said Naasik Ferdous started stalking Kelsey Devonshire in 2011.

At that time, Ferdous also attended OU.

In a protective order, Devonshire wrote the stalking began with a "friend request on Facebook."

It continued with "a message saying he wanted to meet because he was a huge fan."

Devonshire thought Ferdous "seemed completely obsessed" and claimed "he was going to commit suicide if he did not meet."

That behavior eventually led to Ferdous being expelled from OU and sent home to Ohio.

Police said they believe Ferdous blamed Devonshire for his expulsion and planned to take revenge.

The strange stalking took a twist after the suspect drove 600 miles from Cincinnati to Overland Park, Kansas.

That's where he allegedly called OU police and told them of his violent plan.

Court records state Ferdous told officers he had been planning to "come after" the current OU student, then described his "plan to obtain a knife and use it to assault the student."

Ferdous even admitted "he was going to stay in Norman until he located and physically assaulted her."

That threat didn't come to fruition; Norman officers took Ferdous into custody when the apparently disturbed man arrived.  

Ferdous is being held on a $2 million bond.


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