What happened to Bob Barry, Jr.?

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Bob Barry, Jr. planned to be on the sidelines of the OU/Kansas game last Saturday.

Instead, he was hospitalized in the ICU.

Bobby said, “I saw stars. I knocked the air out of myself. I couldn't lift my left arm, so I knew I’d done something to my collarbone.  And I had a real searing pain in my lower back."

Bobby was test driving a high-horsepower scooter in Shawnee when it crashed.

"I gave it too much gas too fast and I just lost it, hit a curb and went flying," he said. That’s  about the last I remember of anything."

He was first taken to the hospital in Shawnee and then transported to Oklahoma City.

Doctors performed emergency exploratory surgery and he remained in ICU for three days.

"I broke a collarbone, fractured two or three ribs and suffered a bruised lung," he said. "But it could have been worse. They were worried about other things when I got there. We thought we were going to have to have surgery for an intestinal tear. That’s what they told us the first night."

Luckily that wasn't the case.

After five days, doctors released him from the hospital and he’s back home recuperating.

"You know, a lot of people have been kidding me. 'Scooter? You're going like two miles an hour?'" he laughs. "This scooter goes 70 miles per hour. I hit the curb doing 50."

"I just kind of remember being mid-air like, ‘Help, Mr. Wizard.’ I just remember kind of flying through the air. Wow! I’m tumbling. When I hit the ground I’d never been jolted like that," Bobby said. 

BBJ hopes to come back to the anchor desk as quickly as possible.

But, what about another scooter ride?

"The family has voted; I’m finished with that. I’m hoping we take a re-vote later. They're not happy with me."