Okla. boy almost dies after eating popular cookie

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Okla. boy is lucky to be alive after eating a popular Halloween treat. 

Jennifer and Luke Farrignton described the moment they realized their son Adam was having an allergic reaction while eating a Halloween version of his favorite cookies.

"His eyes were swollen shut and his nostrils were swelling," his mother said.

"It looked like he'd gotten into a fight; there were black circles around his eyes," his dad said. 

After eating a few cookies, suddenly the 5-year-old boy couldn't breath or see. 

"I was freaking out," Jennifer said. "I was hoping the ambulance got there because you never know with reactions like that what can happen."

EMSA rushed to the home and took him to the hospital giving him Benedryl along the way.

EMSA paramedic Colin Roy said around the holidays when certain brands offer different flavors and colors, the ingredients can cause an unexpected reaction.

"You start seeing alterations to normal ingredients for coloring purposes or taste purposes and those can add a combination that gets into our system and cause some allergies," Roy said.

At this time of year, there are quite a few brands that are offering holiday flavors.

Roy suggested checking the labels to see what new ingredients may have been added and compare it to the products you usually buy.

Like many kids, Adam remembers one thing.

He said, "I remember that they had to put a needle inside my arm."

Roy said the family did everything right by calling 911 immediately and not trying to figure it out themselves.

"If EMSA didn't get there when it did, there is no telling how bad it could have been," Luke said.

Officials said it's also important to save the product package that has the lot number just in case later on manufactures determine illnesses caused by contamination.