Storms possible this weekend

OK Red Cross team heads to hurricane areas

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OKLAHOMA CITY—While residents along the East Coast are bracing for a massive storm heading toward the shore, Oklahomans are getting ready to answer their calls for help.

Gov. Chris Christie, of New Jersey, said, “This morning, I formally declared a state of emergency in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy, which is expected to be severe and a potentially devastating storm that will hit New Jersey beginning Sunday night and be in full force by Monday.”

Hundreds of thousands are stocking up on the essentials while they try to ride out the storm.

Emergency operations teams are already moving into position, with a few members of Oklahoma’s Red Cross Disaster Assessment Team.

Steven Klapp, with the Oklahoma Red Cross, said, “I guess it is the bull’s eye where we are basically going and that’s what we do. We take care of people during disasters.”

Klapp says his team is only responsible for the disaster assessment in New Jersey.

Other teams will be handling the damage for other parts of the Atlantic Coast.