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OKC ranked top 10 for job growth

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Good news for Oklahoma City; compared to others in the country, OKC has made the list of top 10 cities for job growth.

That’s according to a new evaluation by CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists.

It’s good news for our city as it looks forward to more growth in the coming years.

Oklahoma City is a city on the move.

From sports teams like the Thunder and the Barons to new construction in the downtown area things are only looking up.

Roy Williams, with the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber, said, “We believe Oklahoma City is at a place it’s never been before and there’s nothing on the horizon that should slow that down.”

The new report credits the energy industry and companies like Chesapeake, Devon, Continental Resources and Sandridge for the growth.

Ray Gonzales, with Continental Resources, said, “Definitely a lot of growth. We’ve got about 60 positions open right now.”

Continental Resources is just one of the many companies currently adding jobs to the metro.

Ray Gonzales said Continental Resources is looking ahead to the future and hopes to add even more jobs in the next five years.

Williams said, “We continue to have a strong economy. We continue to create jobs. We continue to see the unemployment rate stay low.”

The Oklahoma City Chamber said there’s also major growth in the areas of aviation, aerospace engineering and the┬ábiosciences.

Williams said, “When all of those work in tandem they tend to create a lot of secondary jobs.”

City officials believe even if one industry begins to struggle Oklahoma City is seeing enough growth across the board to sustain our city for years to come.

Williams said, “We believe we have a long-term foundation for growth with jobs and the economy in Oklahoma City.”

In case you are wondering what city came in at number one for best job growth, that title went to San Jose, California, mostly due to technology-related jobs.