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GRAPHIC: Machete-wielding man’s victims speak on attack

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Police arrested the accused machete man Thursday afternoon.
Just hours earlier police said they found Michael Rogers' car.
A brother, sister and neighbor said Rogers (Jasper Zan) attacked them with a machete and the neighbor has the wounds to prove it.
Rogers said he was just defending himself.
The 31-year-old man armed with a machete was on the run since the alleged attack Wednesday morning on the 3800 block of  N.W. 51st St. near N. Portland Ave.
Police said Rogers is accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, Hanna Stout, and vandalizing a car outside her house.
Neighbors said the man drove his car into a house across the street.
Neighbor Randall Love intervened and was confronted with a machete.
Covering his wound, Love described the moment his neighbor's ex-boyfriend attacked him with the weapon.
“He came down instantly with a double-handed machete sweep," he said.
Hanna Stout said, "Five minutes before he came over here he sent me a message on Facebook and said, 'I don't care. You're worthless. I'm going to cut your head off.'"
Hanna's brother, Mark Stout, said this isn't the first violent situation with the man.
"I'm a little scared of the guy,” he said. “I just hope the police will do their job and put him away."
Rogers responded to it all with an online video.
"Justice is what it was; I didn't actually attack those people," Rogers said. "They were throwing bricks at my car when I drove by."
An actual attack or not, Hanna said Rogers has been stalking her for some time and she's convinced he isn't finished.
"I really think he might want to come kill all of us," she said.
Rogers claims he wasn't really going to hurt his ex and that he was after her current boyfriend.
"I just wanted to cut Michael up," he said in the video

He posted his side of the story on YouTube.
WARNING: this video contains very graphic language and adult content.

Rogers' (Jasper Zan) Facebook page displays pictures with him holding a machete.

Michael Rogers (Jasper Zan) made these posts to his Facebook page hours after the alleged incident.

WARNING: Posts contain strong language and graphic content. 

  1. Jasper Zan 15 hours ago via mobile My anger and how I'm getting fucked by my kids moms will now end abruptly I'm sorry every one I tired with no avail now my life must end .
    Wed, Oct 31 2012 15:06:19
  2. Jasper Zan 14 hours ago via mobile So my son's dad mm and neighbors smashed my car up I call this war mother fucker .
    Wed, Oct 31 2012 15:06:02
  3. Jasper Zan 13 hours ago via mobile Damage done by Hannah's family and neighbor
    Wed, Oct 31 2012 15:09:11
  4. Jasper Zan 13 hours ago via mobile Mark through a brick though my window and Hannah's mom pointed a shot gun at me
    Wed, Oct 31 2012 15:08:02
  5. Jasper Zan 14 hours ago via mobile So my son's dad mm and neighbors smashed my car up I call this war mother fucker .
    Wed, Oct 31 2012 15:06:02
  6. Jasper Zan about an hour ago via mobile I guess I'm all over the news over baby momma drama .
    Wed, Oct 31 2012 15:05:07
  7. Jasper Zan 14 hours ago via mobile · But the police are looking for me lol haha I rather die this will be on the news .
    Wed, Oct 31 2012 15:02:59
  8. Jasper Zan 2 minutes ago via mobile Randy you should of not of hot me with that golf club or my car I didn't attack you I was defending my self .
    Wed, Oct 31 2012 15:04:40