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Bicycling bandit arrested with to-do list of crimes

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NICHOLS HILLS, Okla. -- Nichols Hills Police are investigating a one-man crime spree involving a suspect who sped away from the crime scene on a bicycle with a to-do list of homes to hit.

The suspect, 48-year-old Donald Madewell, was in state custody during the alleged crime spree.

The investigation began Tuesday about 4:30 p.m. when Nichols Hills Police responded to a home break-in call in the 1100 block of Park Manor Street.

Police said the homeowner's alarm was set to alert police last, so the suspect was able to get a head start fleeing the scene.

The accused took off peddling southbound on Western Ave. before ditching the bike and stealing a taxi.

Oklahoma City Police got involved in the hunt, eventually tracking down the suspect in the taxi with the police helicopter, Air One.

Police found two pieces of paper after Madewell was arrested, both containing lists of names, addresses, phone numbers and children's names.

Nichols Hills Police Chief Richard Mask said he believes it was a to-do list of homes to hit.

"There are several addresses that are Oklahoma City addresses," Chief Mask said. "We are in the process of checking out those addresses to see if they've been victimized or on the list to be victimized. This suspect has been convicted many times on many felonies. He's been in prison most of his life since 1985."

Madewell was actually in state custody during the alleged crime spree.

He was an inmate at a work-release detention center.

Police searched his room at The Carver Transitional Center and uncovered stolen laptop computers, cash and jewelry.

This is not the first time the Nichols Hills Police Department has been involved with a resident at the Carver Center.

Three years ago a Nichols Hills Police officer shot and killed a suspect, Dustin Edelen, who was also living at the halfway house.

"We're wondering now how many other inmates from the other pre-release centers are out victimizing people during the day when they're supposed to be at work," Chief Mask said. "He would leave work at 3 p.m. and he's got the rest of the day to go out and steal."

Chief Mask expects to add dozens of felony counts to Madewell's already lengthy rap sheet.

Click here to see Donald Madewell's Department of Corrections rap sheet.

The Nichols Hills Police Department is currently going through the stolen jewelry to identify who it belongs to.

One other note to residents in Nichols Hills: the police chief said his officers were delayed in their response to the initial break-in because the resident had her alarm system set-up to call police last.

Chief Mask recommends an alarm setting where police are phoned first.