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Couple arrested in high-dollar theft ring

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GARVIN COUNTY, Okla. - Authorities in Garvin County said they have uncovered a large theft ring.

In this case, investigators were working on one crime that led them to another. 

Investigators said they found the stolen stockpile of high dollar compressors, generators, power tools and welding equipment inside a home where they were serving a search warrant.

They arrested Jacquelin Williams and Edward Heath McCoy but the couple said they didn't steal anything.

"They're claiming they purchased it from a separate individual but it was right there within their living quarters of where they were living," Garvin County Undersheriff Jim Mullett said.

Both were charged with possession of stolen property but their dealings with law enforcement are far from over as well as the initial case that started it all.

"We're looking into some other leads that might lead us to other victims and maybe get somebody else's property back," he said.