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Open carry now legal in Oklahoma

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There is something different about our state now, something new.

Some see it as a new sense of security, while others see the opposite.

We're talking about the open carry law.

It was signed by the governor in May and officially took effect Nov. 1.

It means you may now see guns on the hips of those around you.

For years Oklahomans have been allowed, with the right permits, to carry a concealed weapon in their purse or pocket and now they are allowed out in the open.

Bryan Hull, with the Oklahoma Open Carry Association, said, "It feels like freedom to us. It's very liberating."

At midnight open carry advocates gathered at Beverly's Pancake House. 

Among all the scrambled eggs and biscuits and gravy were handguns, visible on the hips of numerous customers.

Though there are those who are still not comfortable with the new law.

Dave Herbert, who opposes the law, said, "I question the judgment and stability of someone paranoid enough to believe every morning when he gets up he has to strap a .45 pistol to his hip to be safe in this country."

Herbert has a concealed carry license but still said he will stay away from those places where guns are openly carried.

He has concerns about the mental capacity of some gun owners.

Herbert said, "I don't see why anyone would want to put themselves in a situation to be in a room or building with some guy carrying a gun and you don't know what the voices in his head are saying to him."

However, advocates of the law believe it will actually keep us all a little more safe.

James Choate, a supporter of the law, said, "Law enforcement hasn't done the best job of keeping guns out of criminal's hands. So, now, at least the honest citizens can have the right to defend themselves."

Open carry advocates said it's important to remember those with the open carry permit have gone through training and background checks required by law.

Oklahoma is state 14 to enact an open carry law.