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State unveils veteran driver’s license

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Veterans in Oklahoma can now get a special driver's license identifying them as veterans.

Oklahoma Secretary of Veterans Affairs Rita Aragon unveiled the new license Thursday at the State Capital.

"We owe [our veterans] a great deal," Aragon said. "Freedom is not free and it costs the lives and limbs and bodies of a lot of our veterans and many of them are now on fixed incomes. This is a way that the people and businesses of Oklahoma can recognize them." 

Aragon said many businesses in Oklahoma already give discounts to veterans.

She said part of the reason for the updated driver's license is to make it easier for veterans to identify themselves and take advantage of benefits.

For veterans like Oklahoma Highway Patrol Captain Chris West, the special license is more about pride.

"[It's] about being a part of something that's bigger than yourself," West said. "To have the opportunity to have an insignia on my driver's license that tells people I served this country and that's something that I'm very proud of, that really was enticing to me and it's something that I wanted."

Only two tag agencies in the state currently have the technology to print the veteran symbol on a driver's license: Broadway Tag Agency in Edmond and Edmond Downtown Tag Agency.

Putting the veteran symbol on a license is free but the tag agency will charge a small fee to replace or renew a license.

Supporters are working on making other tag agencies in the state capable of printing the veteran symbol.

Veterans looking for the special license will need to bring proof of service.