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Video game aims to be political game-changer

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NORMAN, Okla. -- A video game created in Norman called Angry Voters aims to put a mark on elections to come.

A video game might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to politics, but Joe Vallone is preparing a new way for people to express their political opinions, by playing a video game.

"Look, we understand the political process doesn't always work and people get frustrated with it," he said. "So how neat would it be to be able to take a pie and throw it in the face of a politician?"

However, while you're throwing pies at computerized politicians or promoting your beliefs on the game, the OU professor and game creator said a polling company called We the People collects your opinions.

Those opinions are then sent from the fantasy world to real local and federal politicians.

The game will first be on social media outlets like Facebook and Google+ and eventually you will be able to play an angry voter on your phone.

While some voters feel their opinions are sometimes unheard in a game of politics, this is an appealing game.

'I definitely think that's a good way to get a politician's response from an outside viewer," one voter said.

Meanwhile, even Vallone is amazed a game that involves tossing tomatoes at politicians could actually be game-changing.

You can expect to see the game on Facebook in the beginning of next year.

Makers said the information collected while you play will be sent to the president you elect next week.