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The great pumpkin heist

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EDMOND, Okla. -- Kathy Nelson and her family have been regulars at this Edmond pumpkin patch for years. 

But it's slim pickins' this year after thieves ripped off dozens of gourds, pumpkins, potted plants and fire wood.

Nelson said, "It was probably somebody with a pickup or trailer. It's sad, really sad."

The business sits at 5th St. and Broadway near downtown Edmond. 

It's a high traffic area that attracts folks from all over the metro, every fall.  

According to police reports, the victims lost bout $4,000 worth of stolen inventory on two consecutive days.

Edmond Police spokesperson Jenny Monroe said, "To lose 100 pumpkins the night before Halloween, they were probably hoping for one last push for Halloween for people who are late-blooming carvers. It's a big loss for them."

In addition to the gourds and pumpkins, the thieves also hauled away 100 bales of hay. 

Weighing roughly 40 pounds a piece, authorities conclude it took plenty of time and manpower.

Monroe said, "Obviously, it's not a quick crime. They had to load these things up. The bulk was stolen the night before Halloween. We can only hope maybe someone drove by and saw it."

Edmond Security, Inc. has several cameras positioned around the business just to the north; some of those cameras point toward the pumpkin patch. 

Monroe told us, "We're going to pull the video and see if we can tell who did this."

The pumpkin patch owner told us she is closing down for the season but has every intention of setting up in the same place next year.   

There was only one witness to the gourd-grabbing and he's not talking.