Pedestrian struck twice, both hit-and-runs

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OKLAHOMA CITY—Police are still investigating the death of a pedestrian after he was hit by two different vehicles in the roadway.

Authorities say the victim was walking across Shields Blvd, near S.E. 58th St., when he was hit by an oncoming car.

He was left in the middle of the road and that’s when another car ran him over.

Police say they believe the man had been at a nearby restaurant just before the accident.

Officials say while he was hard to see, the drivers who hit him had to have known they hit someone.

OKC Police Lt. Roger Bracher said, “There are no crosswalks in this area and, as you can see, it’s dimly lit and the victim was wearing dark clothing.”

Officers say they are looking into evidence to try and find the two vehicles that were part of the hit and run.

If you have any information, call police.