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New residents love Oklahomans, hate license process

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EDMOND, Okla. -- Julie Walker and her family just moved to Oklahoma from Minnesota.

They said Oklahomans are the nicest people they've ever met but said there was nothing nice about what they've gone through to get Oklahoma licenses.

"Four hours just to get the first process done," she said. "I've never lived someplace where you have to go to two different locations."

Walker said they waited at the Edmond Department of Public Safety only to be told they probably wouldn't be seen that day.

"They didn't know if they could actually see the people that were in the waiting room that day," she said. "I think there were three people in the office and two of them decided to take lunch together that left some 30 people waiting to be seen."

Walker said they were then sent to a tag agency who sent them back to the DPS testing center.

"We called back to the Edmond agency and they told us there was close to a four-hour wait at 8:30 this morning," Walker said.

Jeff Hankins from DPS said they are aware of the problem.

He said budget cuts have taken the number of testing centers from almost 90 to 35 in the state.

He also said the recent oil boom has brought many people here from out-of-state and DPS is not equipped to handle the influx.

Hankins said they are working with the legislature to get more money and will have an online scheduling system up and running by next year.

Walker said the process is overwhelming and the system needs work.

"I think there is probably a little more efficient way to do it," she said.