Teen girl home alone during burglary

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK  -- Police said two men, armed and dangerous, burst into an Oklahoma City apartment Monday morning. 

Authorities said a teenage girl was inside, home alone.

"She was pretty shook up," Lt. William Loftis said. "Her uncle came to let her know everything is going to be OK."

Witnesses said the men made repeated trips in and out of the apartment, hauling off TVs, computers and other valuables. 

Loftis told us, "They planned on picking up and taking everything."

It was suspicious enough to raise concern among the alert tenants of Briar Glen near S.W. 61st St. and Independence Ave.

"Several neighbors say these suspects were coming in and out of the apartment and they called in it," Loftis said. "We appreciate them looking out for each other."

Thanks to those alert neighbors, police arrived as the armed intruders were leaving the complex. 

The suspects tried to go back inside the apartment and jump out a back window. 

They were both captured in just a matter of minutes. 

Resident Melvin Dawkins said, "They jumped from a window and tried to get away. I seen one go that way. Police went after him and the other went that way. They got them quick."

The suspects told authorities it was all a misunderstanding. 

They claim they were simply helping a relative move from her apartment.

Both men are being held in the Oklahoma County Jail. 

The teen was not injured.