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Mack says ‘Horns Down’ should be penalized

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NORMAN, Okla.-- It's a universal symbol for Sooner fans; the upside down Longhorn you see at the annual Red River Rivalry match up is a common sight.

However, Texas Head Coach Mack Brown says if his players can get flagged for flashing other teams' hand signs, the 'horns down' sign should be off limits to opposing players.

"He's always been a crybaby his whole career," one OU fan said Tuesday on campus.

"I think it's a little silly," another fan said. "I mean, we've been doing that for years."

The issue started when Texas receiver Mike Davis was penalized for mocking the Texas Tech "guns" hand sign after scoring a touchdown Saturday in Lubbock.

Brown said that wasn't fair because players are never penalized for flashing a 'horns down' sign.

He told reporters "The 'horns down' is disrespectful. We ought to talk about that as a league."

Dusty Dvoracek, former Sooner defensive tackle, said, "Does he feel disrespected like someone cussed out his mom?"

Dvoracek and fellow former Sooner Teddy Lehman are radio hosts on 1400 AM, The Ref.

"At the end of their fight song, don't they always say 'OU sucks'?" Dvoracek asked. "We need Bob Stoops to say, okay when you play your fight song, you're not allowed to say 'OU sucks'."

Lehman regrets not flashing 'horns down' after scoring on Roy Williams' "superman play" against Texas in 2001.

"I wish I would've had time," he said. "I got tackled by Cory Heinecke there in the corner of the end zone, but you know what, if I had it all to do over again, I sure would do it."

Sports Animal radio host Al Eschbach couldn't believe Brown's quote.

"I mean, c'mon! It's been going on forever Mack!" he said Tuesday.

Eschbach would like to remind Brown of his time at OU when he was the Sooners' offensive coordinator in 1984.

"Somewhere, I know, before OU played Texas, Mack's giving it one of these," he said while flashing a 'horns down' sign. "No doubt in my mind."

OU and OSU had no comment on Brown's quote.

The Big 12 Conference did not respond to whether 'horns down' will be penalized next year.

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