Owner packs gun, theft goes down

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OKLAHOMA CITY - It has been less than a week since open carry has been in effect and one store owner said it's actually helping his business.

Muhammad Rashid Javed has a convenience store in a rough area on Britton Rd. with surveillance cameras at every turn.

But Javed said he noticed an immediate difference when he started carrying a pistol on his waist.

In the short amount of time, he said there has been a change in customers' attitudes and demeanor.

He said those verbal assaults are nearly non-existent since he's been packing.

He said it even kept repeat sticky-finger bandits at bay.

"We had a problem not long ago with people who were stealing," Javed said. "Now some of those same customers don't come inside anymore. They can see the gun through the window. I used to get threatened everyday over something."

But Javed said those threats are gone and theft has actually gone down.

"It's human nature," Psychologist Stewart Beasley, Ph. D said. "I think when people are on the edge of deciding to take a chance or not take a chance and they see someone sporting a weapon, they are probably going to think twice about what they are going to do."

Beasley said this response is similar to the effect police patrol cars have on drivers when everyone tends to slow down and get off the phone. 

Javed doesn't want to seem like a cowboy without a cause and doesn't want to hurt anyone, he just experimented with a new law and found out it worked in his favor.

Off camera, customers seemed supportive of the owner and said they felt even more safe now that he  is managing the so-called riff raff.

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