Pres. Obama gets 4 more years

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President Barack Obama doesn’t have to pack up the White House just yet, he will be on Pennsylvania Ave. for four more years.

Pres. Obama won the required 270 votes from the Electoral College.
He won 303 votes, Gov. Romney had 203.

Just before midnight Tuesday, Gov. Romney congratulated Pres. Obama on winning the 2012 presidential election.

In the exit polls, men leaned more towards Gov. Romney while women supported Pres. Obama.

Pres. Obama had a steady lead in the exit polls with the 18-44 age group while Gov. Romney was more popular with the 45-and-older crowd.

The GOP has kept their advantage in the US House of Representatives; the Democrats are expected to dominate the Senate.

Barack Hussein Obama became America’s 44 president in 2008 knocking down racial barriers to become the first African American chief executive.

The 47-year-old Illinois Democratic senator defeated Arizona Sen. John McCain with his campaign of hope and change.

Under Pres. Obama’s guidance America captured and killed Osama bin Laden, passed controversial healthcare changes and bailed out the automobile industry.

Many battleground states were a toss up until the very end.

Even though Florida’s polls closed first, they were one of the last states to report their results.

California, Iowa and Ohio pushed Pres. Obama over the finish line.

See all of Oklahoma’s election totals here.

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