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Stillwater to serve spirits on Sundays

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STILLWATER, Okla. - Stillwater has plenty of restaurants and bars in town that serve a drink or two but none of them serve alcohol on Sundays.

That's about to change.

"We've been a little behind the eight ball you know, as far as with other counties in our state," Stan Clark said, owner of local restaurant, Eskimo Joe's.

On election night, Payne County voters approved a measure that allows bars and restaurants to serve alcohol on Sundays.

Supporters said it will bring an additional $1-2 million in tax revenue to the county.

"It's an image thing," Clark said. "You know, people are in town on Saturdays, for a game or whatever, and then when they come into our restaurant on Sunday, to not be able to offer the full complement is just kind of backwards."

Hillcrest Baptist Church pastor John Dickey said he knows folks will drink but wants them to be cautious.

"People want freedom and there were a lot of elections yesterday where people want their freedom to do whatever they want, but I would just say that with every choice comes consequences and we just need to be careful with the choices we make," Dickey said.

The measure passed with 61.5 percent of the electorate voting yes.