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OKC man claims he killed victim in self-defense

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma City man who shot and killed another man is speaking out about the incident.

The deadly shooting broke out near S.W. 58th St. and Blackwelder; one man was gunned down in the street.

The shooter now said he acted in self-defense.

Just minutes before gunshots rang out Thursday night, an angry phone conversation led Christopher Lance Wildman to issue a warning.

"I said, 'Do not come to my house or I'm going to shoot you.' He did exactly that," Wildman said.

Wildman said when the victim, Antonio Pereyra, and some friends showed up on his street, Pereyra walked up to Wildman's home and pistol whipped him in front of his 2-year-old son.

"He swung the pistol once and I blocked it with this arm and then he swung again and hit me in the head," Wildman said.

Wildman said the blow to the head actually caused the pistol to go off.

That's when Wildman, armed with a .22 rifle, opened fire.

"I had an epiphany and thought I got shot, then I realized I was alive and that's when I started shooting," Wildman said.

"He said, 'I shot this man' and I was hysterical. He was like 'my baby, my baby,'" neighbor Lucita Hernandez said.

Hernandez first called 911.

Several witnesses in the neighborhood say Wildman's actions were justified.

"He was totally protecting his family, I know that," Hernandez said.

"They hit him first and shot first," witness Jesse Jimenez said. "He had to shoot back. He didn't want to die."

"It's clear the two men were in mutual combat with each other," Oklahoma City Police Master Sgt. Gary Knight said.

Oklahoma City Police said, at this point, Wildman has not been arrested and may not face criminal charges.

For his part, the 20-year-old father doesn't think he did anything wrong.

"It was straight self-defense," he said. "There was nothing else I could do. There was a pistol in my face, my son outside. I didn't mean to kill that guy but he tried to kill me."

Police said it is up to the district attorney to decide whether to file charges against Wildman.

Right now that appears very unlikely to happen.