Child in Cage

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Neighbors lead police to a disturbing discovery in a Tulsa home.
Authorities found a toddler locked in a dog crate.
Those living nearby became suspicious when they found young child naked in the backyard of a home. The child was naked and shivering.
Police arrived and heard a child screaming inside the house. They forced their way in and found an 18-month-old in a cage. They also found another toddler sleeping naked next to 47-year-old William Lewallen. Police say that Lewallen is believed to be the father of the children. They say he appeared to be high on drugs and alcohol. The house was a mess and covered with feces. Lewallen denied knowing how the child got locked in the cage or how the other child ended up outside.
He’s been arrested for child neglect. A woman believed to live in the home was not their at the time.