Skunk saves the day

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OKLAHOMA CITY-- What started as a dog's misfortune ended in a life-saving act of heroism.

"Cooper" the dog's bathroom break had impeccable timing as he went out around 4:30 a.m. Sunday morning.

That's when an unusual chain of events took off.

Frank Kirk said, "There was a skunk out there. I never saw him but he spewed the dog real good, got me a little bit."

Kirk and his son, Canton Bond, walked outside in the pitch black and pouring rain to bathe Cooper and get rid of that awful stench.

As they got outside, they took notice of their neighbor's house in the 7300 block of N.W. 115th St.

He said, "There was just smoke pouring out all along the side of the house."

The two sprang into action, first trying to get inside their neighbor's garage door.

Kirk said, "The big driveway door collapsed down on the ground. It was, like, half of it was on fire."

Flames had also engulfed the front door, forcing the two men to run through the thick smoke to the back.

Bond said, "The smoke was really, really thick and you could barely see her."

They managed to get their elderly neighbor to the back door and guide her out to the curb.

After making sure she was safe, Kirk woke the other neighbors.

Greg King said, "I'm standing in my driveway and looking at the house with flames three times as tall as the house."

King shot video of the fire on his cell phone and says his neighbor is the real hero of the day.

He said, "Frank's the hero. It's the skunk that saved the day but that's probably not very accurate. Frank was the one that saved the day."

Ironically on this Veteran's Day, a Vietnam veteran is being called a hero for his actions off the battlefield.

His son says his dad has a different definition of a hero but says the chain of events lined up just right early Sunday morning.

Kirk said, "If the skunk hadn't been there and sprayed the dog, we wouldn't have been out in the back cleaning the dog."

He says his elderly neighbor lost her dog in the fire but thing's could've been much worse had they not intervened.