Triple whammy for small congregation of faithful

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SPENCER, Okla. - A small congregation of faithful church-goers is now picking up the pieces for the third time in just a few months.

My Father's Church is located in the 11000 block of Abundance in Spencer.

The only thing in abundance at this congregation is an abundance of bad luck.

The front door was boarded up Sunday, broken down by thieves Saturday night.

The trouble for the 60-year-old congregation actually started over the summer when they became the victims of notorious "In Your Corner" scam artist, Brian Krafton.

"We paid him a down payment to do the repairs for our church and in return he took the money and ran," church member Yamisa Freeman said.

Then, Oct. 27, thieves broke in and stole thousands of dollars in electronics; microphones, computers, sound equipment and power tools.

Over the weekend, criminals struck again.

There wasn't much left to steal.

"You know you're not supposed to pray those damnation prayers so you have to say, 'Lord, bless them.' So that's where we are now," church mom Gracie Perry said.

Freeman said, "They took pretty much everything the last time, this time is was mostly structural damage now."

A triple whammy for this faithful family. 

Unwavering, they said they believe God always makes a way.

My Father's Church is not insured. 

They were in the process of fixing plumbing and electrical issues to bring the structure up to code in order to be eligible for property insurance. 

None of their recent losses will be covered.