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Barry Switzer is hip

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When you're with Barry Switzer you enjoy life...because he does.

With his warm  personality and endless stories, coach Switzer knows how keep your attention.

Whether it's stories about his bootlegger daddy or memento's from a storied history coaching the Sooners, Barry knows how to entertain. 

But some of his favorite moments these days are far away from the fast-paced hard charging memories of his famous football days or other life accomplishments. 

Walking his dog, enjoying a cool fall morning on the campus where he became famous.

Just being able to walk without pain is like an 80-yard touchdown run for Barry because about a year ago, things were a lot different. 

“I couldn't walk 300 yards. I was bent over, crooked." Switzer said. “I looked like a cripple.”

At first he thought it was his back that his given him trouble for years.

Doctors found that wasn't the problem, it was his hip. 

They had a suggestion. 

“Really the best surgery is the one Linda Cavanaugh had, the anterior approach surgery,” Barry recalls the doctors saying. 

That’s right: the same surgery Channel 4's own Linda Cavanaugh had three years ago. 

We chronicled Linda’s journey to California for, what was then, a ground-breaking hip surgery procedure that was less invasive and required a lot less recovery time. 

Dr. Brad Reddick, a native Oklahoman, learned the operation and performed it on Switzer. 

He was up and walking a mile just a week after the surgery. 

He could stand straight, he felt good and looked good.  

He dropped 15 pounds and had a new spring in his step. 

Switzer is now telling everyone about the benefits of the anterior approach to hip surgery and hip replacement and is recommending it to all his friends who need hip surgery.  

He said he feels like a new man. 

So you could say, despite being 75 years old, Barry Switzer is hip! 

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