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Deep frying your turkey? Watch this first

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Thanks to State Farm for this information.

If you’ve been designated the chef in charge of the turkey and want to deep fry it, take time to consider these things:

1. Location … Where will you deep fry it? More than a third of such fires occur in a garage or on a patio. Put the stock pot and propane tank outside, away from your house, not under a tree, not on a wooden deck.

2. Thawing … It’s imperative to properly thaw your turkey. This may mean keeping it in your refrigerator for three to four days (if it’s about 15 pounds). Otherwise, any ice or water on the turkey could explode as steam when put into hot oil.

3. Oil level … Put oil in your stock pot while it’s cold and set the bird in the bottom. The right oil level is about one inch below the top of the bird. Adjust as necessary, then take the turkey out.

4. Submerging the turkey … While the oil is heating, SLOWLY lower the turkey into the stock pot. But right before you do, turn off the burner. That way, if any oil does spill over the top, there won’t be a fire. You can always relight the burner when all is well.

5. Stay with it … Don’t get distracted by the TV inside, a cell phone or other things that might take you away. Imagine a kid-free and pet-free zone around the cooker and keep it that way. Wear heavy gloves or oven mitts and have a fire extinguisher rated for grease or cooking fires handy.