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Eagle scout project retires American flags

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EDMOND, Okla. -- The old stars and stripes can get pretty tattered in the gusty Oklahoma winds.

One young man is making sure our American flags get a proper retirement.

There are three ways to properly retire an American flag, according to Kyle Mauk who is working his way to Eagle Scout.

"They are veterans they deserve the same respect and responsibilities that we give our veterans that go overseas and defend our country as well." said Mauk.

Mauk invited people to bring their American flags to a flag retirement ceremony at Lake Arcadia.

The Pledge of Allegiance is said to each flag, some are burned or folded properly by the scouts, others are taken apart properly with official tributes made to the stars and the stripes.

The ceremony, organized by Mauk and Troop 479 was part of Mauk's eagle scout project, the pinnacle of scouting.

Mauk wanted to dedicate the project to veterans.

"I recommend scouting to everyone, most people see it as kind of a nerdy thing nowadays when you get down to it you learn a lot and it's a lot of fun and also the trips and bonding you get with everyone the people you meet it's a great experience." Mauk said.

Here's more information about retiring a U.S. flag from usflag.org.