Oklahoma petitions to secede from the Union

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The White House's official "We the People" section is a place where folks can petition the White House to address an issue via open petition.

These days, you'll find about 30 petitions from all across the US, requesting secession from the United States, two from right here in Oklahoma.

See Oklahoma's petitions to secede here:
Petition 1
Petition 2

"I'm just saying to the people of Oklahoma, stand with us," Sen. Al Mcaffery said. "We are not, Democratic party, going to do something crazy."

He said he thinks fear drives people to sign such a petition.

Several states, including Texas and Louisiana, have over 25,000 signatures on their petitions.

That is the base number of signatures the White House needs to issue a response to any one effort.

"Seceding from the Union is not the answer," Mcaffery said.

Sooner Tea Party organizer Al Gerhart agrees secession is a bad idea but he can see why some might advocate for it.

"This started in 2008 and 2009 when people started seeing our nation slip further and further into socialism," Gerhart said. "People are terrified; they are worried about their money collapsing ad the US dollar is not what it used to be. They are scared to death. They're afraid of Obamacare and a creeping socialist government because the federal government is telling Oklahomans what they can and can't do."

He said he thinks the right thing to do is stay in the Union and fight for political change.

More info on petition and what you have to do to start one here.