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Here in America anyone can address an issue by starting an open petition. Right now you’ll find more than half our country petitioning for individual states to secede from the U-S.
Our state Oklahoma is right in the mix.

Al Gerhart from the Sooner Tea Paty says it’s about fear of the future.

“They are afraid of Obamacare and a creeping Socialist government because the federal government is telling Oklahomans what they can and can’t do.”

States like Alabama are also on board. Many, like online petitioner Derrick Belcher, said the re-election of President Obama was the final straw.

“I don’t think the federal government is being fair to the American people. I think they are being overbearing. They are taxing us to death and they are taking away our freedoms at breakneck speed.”

But according to a Presidential Proclamation made in 1866 – secession may not fly.
It says….”It is the manifest determination of the American people that no state, of its own will, has a right or power to go out of or separate itself from or be separated from the American Union.”

And College History Professor Gregg Cantrell out of Texas agrees.

“First of all, it’s not going to happen? From a historical standpoint it’s laughable.”

Laughable or not, it has caused a stir and lots of action.

As for Oklahoma, Governor Mary Fallin did issue a statement Tuesday night that Oklahoma will not secede from the United States.