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Neighbors saddened after body found

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Police are working to identify a woman found dead inside an Oklahoma City home Wednesday morning.

Police said they found the body in the 11000 block of Bryant, just before 4 a.m. after a nearly 12-hour standoff with 52-year-old Gerald Hume.

Officers said Hume lived at the home with his 77-year-old mother, who neighbors and friends said is Janet Hume.

With a police chopper circling overhead, Bonnie Smith watched investigators gather evidence from her friend, Janet Hume's home after finding a body inside.

"It's a horrible thing that's happened. It's very upsetting," Smith said.

Smith is sure the victim is her 77-year-old friend who lived in the home with her grown son.

"We knew she had a son at home who was ill," Smith said. "She was good to him, took care of him. She's one of my closest neighbors and it's just heartbreaking."

Police arrested the woman's 52-year-old son, Gerald Hume. 

Hume's most recent mug shot

Hume's most recent mug shot

They said he now faces a charge of first-degree murder and two counts of pointing a gun.

Police said Hume has a history of mental illness.

They were first called out to the home last Friday because family and friends couldn't get in touch with his mother.

"The phone just rang and rang and rang," Smith said.

Hume told officers his mother was gone and refused to let them enter the home.

They went back after the family called for them to check on the woman again on Nov. 11 and 12.

They said the man said his mother was OK and refused to let them inside.

Police even called the bomb squad out Sunday because a car outside had suspicious wiring around it.

That turned out to be nothing but police were still unaware of what they would find inside the home days later.

"I wish they would have taken action sooner, it might not have happened this way," one neighbor said.

Police showed up with a search warrant Tuesday before 5 p.m. but said Hume barricaded himself inside.

Police finally forced their way in, shooting the man with a bean bag gun.

They found the body and more suspicious wiring.

Meanwhile, Smith said she is thinking of the Hume family and missing her friend.

"It's just absolutely horrible," she said.