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Wheelchair-bound boy scores touchdown

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BETHEL ACRES, Okla. - An Oklahoma boy recently got the chance of a lifetime.

A disability typically prevents him from participating in sports but last week a young man from Bethel Acres was able to make a dream come true.

Jason Smith said, "I like drawing. I like video games. I like singing Justin Bieber."

But more than anything else, 9-year-old Jason Smith likes sports.

Jason has a form of muscular dystrophy, so he's usually stuck on the sidelines watching, cheering on and coaching his twin brother, Jalen.

Jason said, "Sometimes I just dream about running a touchdown."

Jalen said, "He dreams about it almost every night."

Last Thursday, Jason's dream became a reality.

Jason said, "He grabbed my brother's helmet, took it off him and put it on me."

Miranda Smith, Jason's mom, said, "One of them was like, 'They're putting a helmet on Jason' and I was like, 'What?'"

The team was down and a win was out of reach.

With less than a minute left in the game, Jason's dad, who is also the coach, decided to put him in.

He recorded the play on his cellphone.

The ball was passed to Jason and a teammate then pushed him all the way to the end zone.

Jason said, "We were going pretty fast."

Jason's dad said, "Just to see that smile on his face, that was a great feeling for me."

After his touchdown Jason's team, as well as the other team, gathered around him cheering and giving him high fives.

Jason said, "It was very surprising. I never knew it was going to happen."

It was a moment he said he will never forget.

Jason's team did not win that game but that seemed to be the last thing on their minds that night.