Family tracks burglar, stolen goods with cell phone

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma City family is out hundreds of dollars after a burglar targeted their car Monday.

But just by looking at their computer screen, Debby and Cory Cannon saw where their stolen goods went.

"It's just a helpless infuriating feeling when you know exactly where your stuff is and there's nothing you can do about it unless you want to sacrifice your safety," Debby Cannon said.

She said someone stole her purse, wallet and her husband's phone from their car sitting in their own driveway.

Little did the criminals know, the phone they stole was pinging a signal back to the Cannons, showing their location in a neighborhood on S.W. 38th St.

The family had just downloaded a GPS tracker on their phone that allowed them to see where the thieves were located.

Officers knocked on a door where the phone was showing up but got no answer.

The Cannons said officers told them they need a warrant to search for their property, and with these cases piling up, they say that could take time.

"My cell phone signal is coming from someone else's house and we can't go in there and get it, it's maddening," Cory Cannon said.

Adding more losses, the thieves went on a spending spree at a casino.

The family of three is out nearly $2,000.

Much of that money was part of Debby's financial aid for school to become a librarian.

"This isn't money they needed to put food in their mouths and I could probably understand that but to just take my money and blow it at a casino," Debby Cannon said.

A couple next to the Cannon's said they were also targeted.

The criminals smashed their truck window and took the TV inside.

If you have any information, police would like to hear from you.