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Animals caught in legal case, forces euthanization

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OKLAHOMA CITY--The Oklahoma City Animal Shelter is bursting at the seams, but this time it's not because people aren't adopting pets.

Instead, it has to do with a pending legal case.

In July, animal control officers were called to a home on N. Richland Rd. after receiving complaints of animal hoarding.

John Gary, unit operations supervisor, said, "The animals were living in filth and there was definitely some cleanliness issues so charges were filed."

As a result, the shelter is housing 91 dogs and a few cats recovered from the home. 

The animals are forced to live at the shelter until the court date, which is scheduled for the end of November.

However, since there are so many and officials can't legally move them, other animals are being euthanized to make room.

Gary said, "This is the first time in my career of 13 years that we've actually had to keep this many for this long. Anytime you have 91 animals for a long period of time it impacts a lot a of different resources. Unfortunately, we have animals that are euthanized for space so obviously if we have an extra 91 here that increases that number."

In addition to taking up spaces that could be filled by adoptable animals, Gary says the case is not putting the animals involved in the case in a good position either.

He said, "It's not healthy for the animals. The shelter environment can be stressful for them."

NewsChannel 4 spoke with the woman accused of animal hoarding.

She denies those claims and says she runs an animal refuge center out of her home.