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Memorial for murder victim disappears

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OKLAHOMA CITY-- A memorial made for a man disappears over night, making the grieving process even harder for a local family.

Cody Davis, 21 was found dead near an apartment complex on Meridian Rd. less than two weeks ago.

The family laid a memorial where his body was found.

"I just like to go where he was last," said his grieving mother, April Davis.

Her emotion is still raw from when she learned that her son had been gunned down and left for dead.

Loved ones created a memorial at the very spot where Cody took his last breath, leaving a cross as a reminder of his life taken at someone else's own will.

But Friday night when his mother went to visit the memorial, it was gone.

"Why would someone do that? I thought, where is it? I dug through the trash and looked for it," Davis said.

She looked in nearby spots but the cross was nowhere to be found.

She continues, "I just think its disrespectful. It wasn't trash, it was a nice cross. At least just let me have a few weeks, they already have my baby."

David Slane said, "Often times when there has been a death from a car accident or some unusual circumstance you'll see a cross from time to time or a memorial.".

There is no way to tell if it was stolen or removed by officials.

Attorney David Slane, who holds degrees in city planning, says it's not uncommon for officials to take down memorials without notifying the family.

Slane said, "If it's on a right of way or on a portion close to the road I think the letter of the law says the authorities could certainly remove that."

This broken-hearted mom just wants it back.

"That's all I had at the moment, that spot," said Davis.

The apartment management for the building closest to the plot of land was closed.

While Cody's memorial is missing, police are still looking for suspects in his murder.

Anyone with information on this murder is asked to call police.