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Surviving beyond the odds

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OKLAHOMA CITY-- An Oklahoma mother's water breaks too early for doctors to intercede. When she was told her baby had less than a one-percent chance of survival, she went home, praying for the best and waiting.

Weeks later the child was born and her progress beat all odds.

Her entire story starts in her name, Titus Faith.

Jessalyn Sisney, Titus' mom, said, "Titus means saved in Latin. Faith is the only thing that kept that child alive."

Titus Faith is a child who almost didn't make it here.

At just 17 weeks pregnant, her mom's water broke.

Jessalyn said, "They told me I would miscarry and I said I'm going home where I'm comfortable."

Dr. Patricia Williams,a neonatologist at Children's Hospital at OU Medical Center, said, "If she delivered at that point there really wouldn't be anything we could do for a baby that was only 17 weeks along."

Fearing the worst, Jessalyn put herself on bed rest, hoping her body would sustain the baby,  despite losing all of her amniotic fluid.

Jessalyn said, "My body replenished every day. I would fill up with amniotic fluid and it would come out."

Seven weeks later, Jessalyn was still pregnant and still able to feel her baby move.

She began bleeding and rushed to the hospital.

This time doctors flew her to the Children's Hospital at OU Medical Center.

Though she was told the chances of her baby's surviving were slim.

Jessalyn says, "He said your daughter's going to be blind, she's going to be deaf, she could have cerebral palsy."

But Jessalyn never gave up.

She said, "I just always knew inside of me that she was going to be okay. I prayed every day."

On July 27th, now 27 weeks pregnant, Jessalyn woke up in labor.

Within hours, Titus Faith was born via C-section.

Jessalyn said, "They were putting tubes down her throat and breathing for her."

Dr. Williams said, "Her lungs were immature and underdeveloped."

Born at a whopping two pounds one ounce, Titus' lungs had barely developed in the weeks since Jessalyn's water broke.

Jessalyn said, "The percentage the doctors gave me of her survival was one-percent. What is one-percent?"

Titus was in an incubator, doctors at her side when Jessalyn saw her for the first time.

Jessalyn said, "Her oxygen stats were 16. They told me she's not going to make it."

Not knowing what to do, this mom grabbed her baby's hand.

She started to pray and sing.

Slowly Titus' levels began to increase.

It is progress that hasn't stopped.

In fact, many experts said this baby would not progress enough to go home.

Dr. Williams said, "It's really impressive that Titus did as well as she did."

Jessalyn said, "She's awesome. She's a fighter."

At almost 4-months-old, Titus still needs a little help with her breathing but her oxygen tank is on the lowest setting and before long won't be necessary.

While it's been a long hard road for her family, Jessalyn says she knows God has always had his hands on this baby.

Early Sunday morning, we got word Titus has just been admitted to the hospital again with some sort of virus.

The family has set up a Facebook page where they post updates about Titus.

They welcome anyone who would like to follow her progress to join their page.