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NEWALLA, Okla. -- Don't let the innocent face and bushy tail fool you, this is a story of man vs. beast!

EMSA medics Candace McElroy and Cyndi Ring were dispatched to an unusual emergency call one November afternoon.

McElroy said, "I thought it was a little crazy. Maybe a little funny initially."

Danny Fitzwilliam was walking his dog, Amos, down the gravel roads of Newalla, Oklahoma. That's when he spotted six deer, including a 150 pound, 6 point buck.

It was a rambunctious buck, irritated that Danny would interupt his mating season. Fitzwillam said, "From what I understand, they go nuts during rutting season.  They'll come after anything that's near their doe. I don't smell like a deer."

The agressive wild animal began to chase Dennis. The 49 year old popped over a fence but could not outrun thrusting antlers and pummeling hooves. He told us, "He kicked me good.  Knocked me off my feet. I got up and went BAM. He cut on the elbow and his horn, I'd hate to think what would happen if it went just three inches to the left."

Deer are generally harmless creatures, but wildlife officials admit that docile demeanor can change without warning or provocation. Oklahoma Wildlife Department Spokesman, Micah Holmes said, "If there is a deer acting unusal, keep an eye on it. Their behavior is a lot different this time of year than it is the rest of the year."

Experts say there is no telling what might happen when nature and civilization lock horns.