GRAPHIC: Man accused of murdering mother, dismembering body

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NORMAN, Okla. - A Cleveland County man is accused of a horrific murder.

Gerald Hume, 52, is charged with killing his elderly mother and dismembering her body.

Monday charges were filed in that case and the details are graphic.

Prosecutors said Hume cut off his moms arms and legs when the body began to rot.

The gruesome discovery followed an 11-hour standoff with police.

"We have charged him with desecration of a body for dismembering his mother and placing parts of her in freezer bags and into a freezer," Cleveland County district attorney Greg Mashburn said.

According to court records, "During negotiations with police, Hume stated he had shot his mother in the chest."

Hume lived with his mom because he suffered from a mental illness.

Hume's mental status will be a critical factor in deciding how the case goes forward.

"I do anticipate some mental issues at play in this case," Mashburn said.

"If he did not understand right from wrong, or understand the consequences of his acts, he is unfit to go to trial," attorney Garvin Isaacs said.

Attorney Isaacs isn't connected to the case but said if Hume is found incompetent, an insanity defense could be raised at trial.

Still, the district attorney said he believes Hume tried to deny police access to the home because he wanted to avoid arrest.

That's a sign he may not be legally insane.

"In other words, if he was trying to avoid detection, he knew it was wrong and didn't want to get caught for it," Mashburn said.

"This man would not allow people in the house," Isaacs said. "That is evidence that he knew the acts he committed were wrong."

The medical examiner's office said the victim died of multiple gunshots.

Hume is being held without bond in Cleveland County.

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