4 Seniors: Drill into dental costs

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Picture this: You’re 67-years-old and it’s time to get dentures.

Or, you still have a few natural teeth left and now one of them is aching like crazy and probably needs a root canal.

That’s not good when you’re a senior and you have a $1,200 root canal on a fixed income.

Appreciating that Medicare does not cover routine dental care or most restorative dental procedures such as fillings, tooth extractions or dentures, here is how to take a bite out of dental costs.

5 tips to drill into dental costs:

  1. Dental Discussion: Is there a way I can save? Your dentist might be open to offering a discount for word-of-mouth referrals, if you’re paying with cash, or he/she may have a savings plan available.
  2. Medicaid: If you qualify for Medicaid, it can help you in a dental emergency at our My Dentist office as it covers an emergency exam, X-rays and a tooth extraction if needed.
  3. Dental Discount Plans: These plans are an alternative to dental insurance and activate within 3 business days, have no annual limits and can save you 25% on dentures and dental implants. You can find a plan an individual or family plan at the site DentalPlans.com.  
  4. Dental School: Dental care at a local university can be a 1/3 of the cost versus treatment at a practice, but, it can also take twice as much time. The work comes from students under the supervision of dentists, like those you can find at the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry.
  5. Donated Dentistry: Not long after the New Year, Oklahoma Mission of Mercy will be hosting a free dental care clinic event for all ages. The event will be in Lawton on February 1 and 2.