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Mom says parents helping students cheat

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Mom Jessica Ortega has three children at Edwards Elementary in Oklahoma City.

“I just want my kids to go to a good school and get a good education,” she said.

She spends a lot of her time volunteering at the school and takes education seriously.

Last week she walked into her daughter’s second grade class and saw parents helping kids log onto computers for assessments but that wasn’t all she said the parents were doing.

“The other kids were sitting there already taking the test,” she said. “I saw three parents, but one parent, I saw her finger up and she was reading the questions on the test and giving them the answers.”

Ortega said she brought it to the school’s attention. 

She said she never expected what happened next.

According to the mother, the teacher called her and said Ortega’s “actions were not Christian.”

The Oklahoma City School District gave us this statement:

“The second grade students were taking benchmarks to assess their proficiency in math. The assessments help teachers develop individualized educational plans for students. Parents on campus that day for a scheduled Thanksgiving holiday event did help students log into the online software. In the future, only Edwards Elementary staff will assist students in logging on. We do not believe any student received unauthorized help from parents.”

Ortega said she wants parents’ eyes wide open and hopes that things are not what she said she believed she saw.

“If you’re having someone read the test and give the answers, you’re not helping a child,” she said.

She has since pulled all three of her kids out of that school.